• Men

    Riding no matter what. If this is your motto and you are looking for a clothing brand to reflect your rider nature, you came to the right place. BINDY-clothing aims at helping you showing your love for the surf and skate lifestyle. We design men clothes that are comfortable, long-lasting and that will stand all the crazy things you will do when wearing them, that it'd be going down the steepest of all slopes on a snowboard or going to that very important meeting with your boss. 

    T-shirts with logos breathing the earth or the see, hoodie inviting you to ride the worl, there is, in this category, more than one piece of men fashion that'll catch your eye. From discrete to more imposant styles, from classic to real streetstyle, everything is here. 

  • Pure

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  • Women

    Girls just want to have fun. If the rider that you are defines fun as stating on a skate or surf board, or even on a snowbard, you will find here the women clothes you have always dreamed about. BINDY-clothing has designed women clothes that are comfortable, strong but that never lack style, for all the women riders that want to show off their style. If the surf & skate lifestyle resonate in you every single day, that you'd rather have your hairs messed up by the wind and full of salt instead of tied up in a neat hair bun, you will find your happiness in this women fashion category. 

  • Accessories

    Accessories to wear from head to toe, showing your attachment to the riders community, your love for riding sports. Beanies, pure baseball or classic snapback caps, even socks: all these stylish discrete elements to complete your skate style are waiting for you right here! 

  • Collections

    To each and every single human being their style. Here, we all love the earth, the sea, the air, but we all have a different way of showing it. Discover our different collections. Each one is a different opportunity to express yourself, to show which rider you truly are.

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